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Deep knowledge in software development for mobile robots, embedded systems, IoT and real-time apps. ROS, simulation, swarm intelligence, indoor positioning, computer vision.


Swarm of drones for industrial applications (e.g. Search & Rescue) or show, indoor positioning, deep learning applied to UAV are some samples of innovative technologies that I love to work with.


Ethical hacking, penetration testing, vulnerability analysis and network security. Training and dissemination of issues related to the privacy protection, cyber security and data protection.

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Many years of Experience


2010 - current


As a freelancer I deal with offering advice in cyber security, penetration testing, vulnerability analysis • Training and dissemination of issues related to the privacy protection, cyber security and data protection • Use of emerging technology platforms to provide research, development and business intelligence aimed at solving problems with social impact • Design and development of real-time software on embedded systems for industry and robotics.

2017 - current

R&D UAV Systems

I'm responsible for the R&D division of UAV systems. I deal with the design and development of flight control software (autopilot, companion computer) and the ground control system. Our systems are based on proprietary or open source flight stacks, companion computers with ROS, indoor positioning, computer vision, custom payload. • I'm also responsible for the technical development of "Use case implementation" within the European Research and Innovation project "Horizon 2020 - CPSwarm" (of which DigiSky is a technology partner), focused on the realization of algorithms and control systems for swarms of drones, with self-organization and fully autonomous flight.

2008 - 2010
Progea International

International Sales Manager

I was in charge of further developing and managing worldwide sales for Progea, Italian company specialized in SCADA and HMI applications • Start-up of the new branch in Lugano, starting new subsidiaries and distributors • Building new professional teams • Training, technical support, sales forecasting, international marketing and communication, conventions and exhibition.

2005 - 2008
Caterpillar Group - CGT

Business Developer Manager

Reporting directly to the General Manager, I was in charge of business development working in close contact with other Managers • Market, competition and geomarketing analyses, which resulted in the improvement of commercial coverage and efficiency • Business development with targeted actions for strengthening the offer of services network.

1996 - 2005
Schneider Electric

Marketing Manager - Automation Products

I was in charge of Marketing Development for electronic automation products, including: SCADA and PC based software, PLC, industrial PC, remote I/O and networks with a total turnover of over € 20 million • Product marketing plans, competition analyses, price definition, promotions, exhibitions, events • Launch of new products, definition of sales budget and communication plans, creation of commercial documents (catalogues, brochures, advertising campaigns) • Training of sales network (approximately 300 salesmen) on new products and direct support with major clients, speaker at dozens of technical conferences • I was in charge of training (salesmen, product manager) also in communication skills and public speaking.

1990 - 1995
Schneider Electric

Software Engineer

Software Engineer for SCADA systems • Technical support on SCADA supervision software and networks, and joined the sales network at the pre/after-sales stage and for technical intervention at clients’ premises • Technical trainer • Development of SCADA and HMI applications, integration with new specific functionality using C/C++ language.

1987 - 1990
Comau - Robotic Division

Software Engineer

I worked in a team for development of new SCADA system for control and monitoring automated plants for Fiat Auto (SCADA based on Digital MicroVAX system).

Coding skills











RTOS /// multithreading



Cryptography, pentesting (net, web, wifi, mobile, app)


Embedded systems with RTOS (ChibiOS/RT, FreeRTOS, Linux/RT)


Frameworks: Qt/QML, PyQt, ROS, Gazebo


Sensors fusion (acc, gyro, mag, baro), GPS, rangefinder


I2C, SPI, CAN, GPIO, IRQ, UART, WiFi, Bluetooth


Indoor/outdoor drone precise positioning



My Works


Drone, Show, Swarm
CPSwarm project – Swarm of Drones

CPSwarm project – Swarm of Drones

Drone, Swarm
ORANGE Aircraft IMU – Flight Data Logger

ORANGE Aircraft IMU – Flight Data Logger



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