Omar Morando

The technological challenges of UFO project

The UFO project - Urban Flying Opera is coming to life and in these days our team is committed to addressing the most significant technological challenges.

As we told in the presentation article, UFO wants to experiment with a new model of drone use, to produce innovation, encourage civic participation and make our cities more beautiful.

It all started with a web application, which between January and March 2018 allowed hundreds and hundreds of people to express themselves on the theme "Design the city", creating a digital sketch.

The contributions of the users were selected by a team of creative people and students, who at this stage are working together to compose the different drawings, to design a collective work for a large vertical surface.

The work will see the light during a three-day event in Turin, at the Aurelio Peccei park, thanks to our drones.

In our view, technology is our passion but never our end. Technology is a means for resolving problems and permitting people a better life. With UFO we have the opportunity to work for a cultural and social goal, putting our UAV systems at the service of the city and the people who live it.
Omar Morando - CEO of algoritmo

But how will drones turn into painters? What technological challenges are we facing for UFOs? We have summarized everything in this infographic:

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