Omar Morando

CPSwarm project – Swarm of Drones

Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) find applications in a number of large-scale, safety-critical domains e.g. Search And Rescue (SAR), transportation, logistic, etc. While the increased CPS adoption has resulted in the maturation of solutions for CPS development, a single consistent science of system integration for CPS has not yet been consolidated. Therefore CPS development remains a complex and error-prone task, often requiring a collection of separate tools. Moreover, interactions amongst CPS might lead to new behaviors and emerging properties, often with unpredictable results. Rather than being an unwanted byproduct, these interactions can become an advantage if explicitly managed at early design stages.

In CPSwarm we will consider heterogeneous swarms of UAVs and ground robots/rovers to conduct certain missions in the surveillance of critical infrastructure like, e.g., industrial or power plants as well as in Search And Rescue (SAR) tasks. For surveillance, we envision applications of swarms for:
a) intrusion detection (detection of unauthorized persons entering the plant area)
b) follow and observe actions of unauthorized persons in the plant.

Apart from that in SAR tasks swarms can be exploited for:
a) generating a situation overview of the disaster scene in case of an industrial plant accident including real-time images (VIS, IR), toxic and explosive gas leakage detection
b) finding of human casualties or persons trapped in the disaster area. The gathered information is used to help security personnel, first responders as well as rescue teams to conduct their mission efficiently.


  • 01.01.2017